Labor and Employment

We are recognized as expert lawyers in social security, individual and collective labor law.

Our advisory services include complete due diligence for companies covering labor and employment matters, utilizing analysis of labor laws, social security laws and prevention of labor risks.

Similarly, our experience in this area includes the role of negotiators and legal advisors on behalf of important companies in negotiation process of collective labor agreements. Additionally, we represent the interests of our clients on the possible litigation proceedings that might be held in the labor law jurisdiction.

Commercial and Corporate Law

We have a highly effective team that offers services in corporate law issues, including the creation and liquidation of companies, their transformation, spin offs, mergers and acquisitions.

Our services include due diligence processes, obtaining government authorizations and the structure, documentation, financing and closing of transactions.

On contract matters, we are able to provide advice on the structure of any type of agreement, negotiations at national and international level, including investment agreements, loan agreements, commercial contracts and all kind of collaboration agreements.


We advise our clients on the design of commercial transactions, fiscal planning structures and in the analysis and solution of problems and issues related to tax regulations.

Likewise, in representation of our client´s interests, we liaise with tax authorities on their requests, and carry out judicial and administrative processes.

We also deal with patrimonial reorganization, patrimonial structuring and give advice in matters of international trade, including those related to the fulfilment of customs and exchange laws.

Aviation Law

We are specialized in aviation law, providing complete legal support to companies in the aeronautical sector.

We advise in the design and execution of operations for the sale, financing and leasing of aircrafts, including obtaining operating permits for national and international routes, and the import and registration of aircrafts in Colombia.

Our advice includes the preparation of projects and applications for approval for construction of aerodromes, as well as airport law advice and the managing of the relationship with control and surveillance authorities in the aeronautical sector.

Liability and Insurance Law

The services in this area include the advisory of insurance and reinsurance contracts, negotiations between insurance companies and the insured, and advising on the issuance and review insurance policies.

We represent individuals and corporations in judicial procedures of civil remedies, as well as in disputes arising from the different insurance contracts.


We represent our client´s interests in civil, commercial, labor and administrative procedures, and also in alternative dispute resolution processes, such as the arbitration process.

Our experience has allowed us to guarantee preventive management of our client´s affairs, minimizing the legal risks in their transactions, understanding the litigation process as the last option to solve any conflict.